Kehoe Realty Offers the Following Benefits:

*  Tiered, Performance Based Commission (up to 75% to agent for a Top Earning Bracket) (I can send more info if interested)

*  Broker Provides $500 Yearly Budget for Advertising (per agent) for first pay tier agents, to help them get started

*  On Site Office Assistant to Help with Paperwork, Listing Input and Other Tasks
(so agents can be out doing what is
important, like listing and selling real estate! Get back your valuable time!)

*  Broker Pays Monthly Dues and Zipform fees ($50 per month, total of $600 per year)

*  Free Real Estate Signs

*  Broker provides Lock Boxes

*  NO desk fees or office fees

*  Free First Set of Business Cards (1000 Cards)

*  Free 300 Mailers to Friends, Family or Mailing Route

*  Free Real Estate Leads (from office web sites, Trulia and Zillow and others)

*  Access to the Main Office 24/7

*  Free Real Estate Forms

*  Office Supplies are Provided at No Cost

Kehoe Realty also has several web sites that are easily found on the Top Search Engines, providing quality leads to
the agents. The brokers also pass down leads from the web sites and from IRA2000, Trulia and Zillow.

Web Sites Include: (General Office Web Site - Leads are sent to general email box) (Brand New Web Site - Focuses more on Clare County and
Recreational Type Properties)

Brokers Sites - Brokers do forward many of the leads onto the Kehoe agents. However, the agents do get the benefit of
having ALL of their listings posted on the Broker’s web site. When an inquiry is made from the listing’s links on IRA2000
(which all listings are linked to the IRA2000 listings pages or the MLS sheets with the listing agents name and contact
info on them), the leads are forwarded directly to the LISTING AGENT.

(You can search around the sites to see how we have the listings linked to the web sites and how the different sites and
set up to email to the listing agents)

All of the web sites rank extremely high on the search engines (other than we just launched, but we have a good feeling that site will be well received by search engines too).

Rankings with certain key words: (As of 3/20/14, but results are fairly constant)

Gladwin Waterfront - #1 on Google
Gladwin Acreage - #2 on Google
Clare County Waterfront - #2 on Google
Gladwin County Real Estate - #3 on
Gladwin County Homes - #3 on
Sugar Springs Waterfront - #3 on Google
Clare County Hunting Land - #4 on Google
Gladwin County Hunting Land - #4 on Google
Northern Michigan Acreage For Sale - #5 on Google
Gladwin Real Estate - #6 on
Clare County Real Estate - #6 on Google
Gladwin Homes - #7 on Google

....and the list goes on....

These web sites also rank very well on Yahoo and Bing!

Why is this important to the agents? MORE ONLINE EXPOSURE!
Kehoe Realty, Gladwin Michigan. - Real Estate Career