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1. Do you have any real estate experience?
2. Are you currently a licensed real estate agent in the State of Michigan?
If YES, what real estate company are you currently licensed with?
If YES, why are you thinking about making a change?
If NO or SWITCHING from another Real Estate Board, there will me some initial costs involved.
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3. Are you looking for a FULL or PART TIME opportunity?
4. What made you consider a career in Real Estate?
5. What training/experience have you had, that may benefit you in your Real Estate Career?
6. Do you have any additional skills that you feel may be useful, that you would like to share?
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15. Do you have any additional comments or questions that you would like to state here?
Kehoe Realty offers a friendly and supportive environment for Real Estate Professionals to excel. We offer performance
based commission scheduling and most of the tools needed to help a Real Estate Professional become successful. We
have our own training web site to assist agents on how to conduct business and help show agents how to use the tools
that are available to them.

Kehoe Realty is currently seeking aggressive, friendly, full time agents who are excited about working in real estate sales
field. Experienced agents are preferred, but we would consider a highly motivated individual that shows great promise
and passion for real estate sales.

All agents are required to have good people skills and must conduct themselves in an honest manner at all times. Kehoe
Realty prides itself in providing good service with honesty and integrity. We are the Realtors with a HEART.

What does Kehoe Realty have to offer?
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We Are Looking For:

1. Self Motivated Individuals
2. Self Starters, Willing to Learn
3. Must be People Friendly
4. Must be Honest and Caring
5. Full Time Agents
6. Familiar with using a Computer
7. Willing to Work Weekends

If you are interested, please fill out the information below and proceed to the short, friendly survey:
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